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Soundwave 2010 Wrapup


Feburary 25, 2010

I went to Soundwave 2010 last weekend.

Although My Chemical Romance pulling out was disappointing, I was very pleased with the replacement act as Jimmy Eat World. Although they played more from their Futures and Bleed American albums, I have now ordered three other albums, Clarity, Chase This Light, and Static Prevails as they played some tracks from Clarity and Chase This Light that I liked.

Anyway here are my comments I posted on the soundwave forum.

smithy_dll wrote:

I had a very enjoyable day, I ate lunch on the way there and had dinner on the way home. I was unable to meet up with my friends who turned up later due to the phones, but oh well.

I saw,
Taking Back Sunday, good
Eagles of Death Metal, were ok
Emarosa, didn't stick around too long, stage 5/6 was horrible
Alexisonfire, they were pretty good
Paramore, sounded tight, just like a CD
Placebo, kind of meh as expected,
AFI, didn't stick around too long
All Time Low, felt out of place with all the kids with white wristbands, a little flat sound, but a good energetic set, involved the crowd, Zack kept throwing away picks and collecting bras
Janes Addiction, can't say I'm a huge fan
Jimmy Eat World, Was near the front, amazing
Faith No More, only stayed until they started playing poker face, crowd near the front wasn't as friendly as Jimmy Eat World.
HIM, couldn't be bothered sticking around, right sound, wrong stage.
A Day To Remember, Sat under the tent listening to the set, some random let a kid sit on his shoulders for a song.

The tent at the metal stage was very welcome, last year it turned into a mud bath.
But they messed up with stages 5/6 and 3 being so close. The cold water in the chillout room was very welcome.

And now for some (very out of focus) pictures from my phone.
Bbcode image

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