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The New Surface Pro (2017) Impressions


June 03, 2017

With the dropping of numbers from product names, have devices become iterative or is there still revolutionary changes left to me made. The answer is not so simple. If we consider all products in a category as iterative, then all we have to do is ask...

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Revisiting Microsoft's Commitment to Mobile


April 16, 2017

April 2017 is now upon us and Microsoft have kept fairly mum on their Windows 10 Mobile strategy. With the creators update set to release for mobile later this month we still do not have any new high end handsets appearing on the horizon.

Back in...

Home NAS 2016 Part 5 GPU Passthrough revisited


April 14, 2017

I feel like I need to provide an update on GPU passthrough. As it so happens, there is likely to be an IRQ interrupt clash resulting in audio lockups over HDMI and pixelated graphic corruption.

The solution to this is to force windows to use your...

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Android N is an Attack on the Open Web


June 13, 2016

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The internet is meant to be free, and that means not using it in an evil way. The large technology companies are attempting to curate our experiences to lock us into their platforms. With Google's latest Android N Google are making a direct attack...

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Microsoft is More Committed to Mobile than Ever


June 03, 2016

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Microsoft has always embraced new technologies. The famous Internet memo from Bill Gates cemented Microsoft in the Internet Age of computing.
Microsoft was a pioneer in smart phones, being responsible for the partially successful but not very...

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Intel Atom vs Microsoft Surface


May 05, 2016

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The Intel Atom architecture is surprisingly confusing and complicated given the breadth of chips offered, and with Intel's announcement that it is axing some atom chips from their line-up many people are equally confused that this means for other OEMs...

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Home NAS 2016 Part 4


April 23, 2016

After covering the history, design and build of my 2016 home server and NAS I am ready to talk about the software configuration.

The first part is easy, but when configuring the bleeding edge software packages on Linux things get interesting.


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Surface 4 will come in 2 sizes


April 19, 2016

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Last year we saw Microsoft release the Surface 3 which was more of a mini Surface Pro 3 with a massive 10.8" screen and Intel Atom X7 internals. This confused a lot of people who thought the Surface 3 was like the Surface 2 which couldn't install Win32...

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Home NAS 2016 Part 3 - Build Log


March 26, 2016

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Having procured all the parts it is time to build my NAS.
I ran the motherboard, RAM, and GPU for over a week to test the stability of the system before shutting down my�old NAS to move the data across. With the system stability validated I exported...

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Home NAS 2016 Part 2


Feburary 22, 2016

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Having had a home NAS for a number of years I have learnt a few things and am ready for an upgrade. With my upgrade I want to address a few deficiencies with my current NAS.

Samba is single threaded and CPU limited
Virtual machines are slower...

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